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Channel 4's BIG BALLET (2014) TV Show- Summary Review

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Channel 4's 'Big Ballet' is as much 'necessary' in todays landscape, as much as is it controversial (in my opinion). This is because although it sets out to celebrate all body-types, at times it feels too fabricated and false in almost 'fat-shaming' those participating in Ballet. Which of-course is not only not needed but is also discouraging for those with similar body-types who are watching the show. Further showing them certain ideals, perceptions and even pitching thoughts regarding what they should be doing too "improve" if they want to partake in Ballet.

The show itself has been constructed well. However some of the material (within the show itself) certainly gives out adverse effects in terms of "encouraging" individuals to partake in Ballet (no matter their shape or build) + individuals own personal struggles with their weight. Which at times showcases the individuals own respective weights as "struggles" and "sob stories" so that the viewer empathises and feels sympathy for all. However many have embraced their own body types even if they are a bigger build. This is because they are contempt, happy and even proud of who they are.

To conclude, I would certainly check out the show as it does at times provide a window into the lives of "bigger bodies" (addressed within the show itself) and their own plights, feelings and respective journeys in continuing or even restarting their own paths with Ballet itself.

My rating: ***


With solid material, good use of cinematography and peoples stories. 'Big Ballet' is as much explorative as it is very raw. However at times the show itself feels forced and staged in showing the audience how "bigger bodies" make their way 'around' ballet. When in fact dance on the whole (no matter what style, form or even genre) is non secluding. Thus is accessible for various body-types, forms and shapes. Thus depending on the teaching styles, the environment and how the direct participants are actually 'conditioned' to feel, react or even dance in a certain way, shape or form etc.

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Happy Watching

Ash + Denise (Co-Collaborators of 'Ballet I AM')

Review written by Ash

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